Youth against Hate (March 2015)

The youth exchange ‘Youth against Hate’ took place in Limassol, Cyprus over a period of six days with 30 participants from Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Italy. The project was funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Commission. The objectives of the youth exchange were to enable participants to understand and distinguish hate speech, to make them aware of the dangers posed by hate speech to any functioning democracy and also to the victim, to decrease the level of acceptance of hate speech and to inspire and empower young people to combat hate speech through a rights-based approach.  Moreover, this project sought to address the urgent need for the de-normalization of hate speech within the daily reality of young people and the need to empower young people to take an active stance against hate speech all by allowing them to consider this phenomenon as a threat to democracy and human rights. To achieve these objectives, the methodology adopted was based on principles of non-formal learning and tools of human rights education. More particularly, participants were prompted to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to achieve the above objectives. As well as implementing activities from Council of Europe educational handbooks, carrying out intercultural activities, discussing and debating relevant themes and being presented with theoretical power points, participants also had the opportunity to develop a video campaign against hate speech available below.