Our project will collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organisations and companies who work on Smart Information Systems.

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AEQUITAS is pleased to announce the commencement of our work on the SHERPA Project which is a Horizon 2020 project.

In collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, the SHERPA project will investigate, analyse and synthesise our
understanding of the ways in which SMART INFORMATION SYSTEMS (SIS; the combination of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and BIG DATA analytics) impact ETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES.

More specifically, it will develop novel ways of understanding and addressing SIS challenges, evaluate with stakeholders, and advocate the most desirable and sustainable solutions.

SHERPA will:
(1) represent and visualise the ethical and human rights challenges of SIS through case studies, scenarios and artistic
(2) work with a range of stakeholders to identify their concerns and preferred solutions (via interviews, a large-scale online survey, a Delphi study, a stakeholder board),
(3) develop and publish a workbook on responsible
development of SIS,
(4) present technical and regulatory options (e.g., terms of reference for a regulator),
(5) validate and prioritise the proposals through multi-stakeholder focus groups, and
(6) advocate, promote and implement the most
promising solutions through targeted dissemination and communication activities.

The SHERPA consortium has 11 partners from six European countries (representing academia, industry, civil society, standards bodies, ethics committees, art), including UCLan Cyprus.

We are looking forward to this exciting journey which has just begun. We will be keeping you updated, so stay tuned.

For more information visit: https://www.project-sherpa.eu/