Shelter is a European 2 year project aiming to Support and advice through health system for hate crimes victims.

The main aim of the project is to improve the protection of victims of hate crimes and their access to resources and networks that facilitate the report, assistance and specialised support, by four specific objectives:

  • Tackling the underreporting data within the health system in relation to aggression and violence committed under the approach of hate crime,
  • strengthening the medical and psyco-social care to victims of hate crime at the heath system,
  • facilitating the access of victims to protection, assistance, and specialised support resources, and
  • incorporating the health system institutions to an international network for supporting victims of hate crime.

The activities include a research, desktop analysis and report elaboration about the hate crimes victims that access to the health system, several training for staff at hospitals and universities, the design of tools for detecting and assist hate crimes victims at health system, dissemination and raising awareness activities to reach the general public, Intersectoral meetings and workgroups oriented to develop protocols for protecting, assist and derivate hate crime victims, establishment of an International Network of Health and a specific certificate of the project “Stop hate damages”.

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