Gender Inequality and Gender-Based Violence

Aequitas implemented this pilot project on gender inequality and gender-based violence which was funded by the European Youth Foundation. The pilot project included a 7-day workshop (it took place in Tochni, Cyprus between the 15th-21st December 2018), an interview on a radio show for dissemination and a resource manual.

The project aimed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of the participants so that they can contribute in the creation of a culture in which young people are no longer victims, bystanders or perpetrators of gender-based violence but they are aware, sensitized and equipped with the tools which will allow them to become agents of change. Through our media presence and the creation of a resource manual, we aimed at sensitizing and informing part of the wider society.

The purpose of the workshop was to inform and sensitize participants about issues relevant to gender inequality and gender based violence, but also to provide a theoretical introduction to human rights and the role that young people can play in addressing such problems. The methodology which was used was human rights education and non-formal education. Compass and Gender Matters were the basic manuals of the Council of Europe which were used for the activities. During the workshop, SPAVO, MIGS and the Association of Recognized Refugees Cyprus offered a presentation. Another purpose of the workshop was to enable the participants to become multipliers of the learning outcomes through their own communities, educational and professional spaces, families and others.

The project coordinator along with two participants gave an interview to Magda Zenon and her radio show Kaleid’Her’scope at CCMC, which can be accessed here

Aequitas created a resource manual on Gender inequality and Gender based violence in Cyprus. This document has been printed in Greek and English and was disseminated to competent authorities and relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations. The main focus of this document is to provide an overview on the theoretical and Legal Framework relating to Gender based Violence within National, European and International frameworks. It provides three case studies on examples of Gender based Violence, presenting national statistics and state actions for combating them, with the topics being Female Genital Mutilation, Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment.
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