Aequitas implemented the project ‘Ξαναμπές στο Παιχνίδι – Ευρωπαΐκές Εκλογές 2019’ (Get Into the Game Again – European Elections 2019).

The project aimed to contribute to

a. the creation of a culture of active participation in the democratic processes, and

b. the promotion of the awareness and safeguarding of human rights.

Through the project, we gave to all candidates the opportunity to reach out to citizens through social media and the Internet and share their vision, ideas and positions on important human rights issues. In this way, we sought to assist in the creation of a productive contact between citizens and candidates, with the ultimate goal of informing citizens in a modern and accessible way to everyone. We believed that this in turn could lead to a conscious vote.


Candidates were asked the following questions:

1. Why do you run as a candidate?
2. What is your relation and experience with politics and European matters?
3. Tell us actions that you intent to take or/and your position on the following issues:
Α. Racism,
Β. Migration, integration of migrants and asylum seekers,
C. Hate Speech and Hate Crimes,
D. Unemployment,
Ε. Gender Equality,
Ζ. Youth issues.

Their answers are hosted in the website of the project, along with their biographies. In the website we also hosted the answers of the candidates who were willing to answer a questionnaire with more questions.

Click here for the website.

Visit the facebook page of the project by clicking here


The project was funded by the European Network Against Racism and the Youth Board of Cyprus.


John Kennedy Str., Iris House, Office 840A,Limassol, 3106, Cyprus